Vision & Mission

Providing risk mitigation services and loss prevention programs through partnerships built on trust.

L&A believes in cultivating long-term relationships.  Our experience has shown that an in depth knowledge of both the client’s business and people is the most effective way of enhancing the bottom line and offering peace of mind.

Long lasting business relationships are built on integrity and respect, and we are uncompromising on both.  Clients entrust us to take care of their people, property, and information, and we accept this awesome responsibility with the respect it demands.  Our performance consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations, just one reason why we continue to serve the same clients we did when we opened our doors over 25 years ago.

Our mission is to protect clients and their interests on a proactive and reactive basis while maximizing their bottom line.  L&A provides holistic risk mitigation services that weave Risk Assessment, Audit, Investigations, and Compliance into comprehensive risk management and loss prevention programs.  We view security as a profit center, not a cost center.  To that end, we aim to minimize losses, protect assets, plan thoroughly for business interruption, and head off litigation.

In offering our consulting services, we are not indebted to vendors, service providers, installers, or anyone else.  We sell only our expertise—not equipment, software, or security officers.


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