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Casino Risk Assessment and Risk Management are Necessary for Casino Security.

Casinos offer patrons the chance to win big at the tables or the slot machines. But casinos can’t afford to gamble on their own security.  To take chance out of the equation, Lowers & Associates (L&A) has designed risk assessment surveys specifically for casinos and other gaming operations.

We offer three levels of risk assessment surveys:

  • Basic assessment.  At this level, L&A conducts telephone interviews with casino management to determine the level of security and the risk control measures in place, and uses documentation from management to support this information.
  • Limited on-site assessment.  Here, L&A team members spend one full day on site, reviewing operational areas such as credit controls, cage and money-room operations, finance and accounting areas, security and surveillance measures, and human resources.
  • Full-scale assessment.  In this assessment, L&A spends 2-3 days on site and provides an overview of all casino, resort, and hotel operations.  In addition to the reviews mentioned above, L&A provides an external audit and look at a host of other considerations including the casino’s loss history over the past five years, the experience of departmental managers, and the casino’s cash exposures.  Reports are supplemented with graphs, a summary of major findings, and a full set of recommendations.

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