Financial Institutions

Helping you mitigate the wide range of business, operational, and technology risks facing your organization.

L&A is an independent, internationally recognized provider of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and risk mitigation services to Financial Institutions around the world. Through our long history of serving the Cash-in-Transit (CIT) industry, we have developed key partnerships within the banking industry -- large national, smaller regional, and community banks alike. In addition to banks, credit unions, and CIT operators, we serve a wide range of other financial services firms such as ATM Operators, Check Cashers, Payday Loan Companies, and Pawnbrokers.

From Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERAs) to Loss Prevention/Control Programs, our risk mitigation offering includes services to help you mitigate the wide range of business, operational, and technology risks facing your organization on a day-to-day basis. 

Risk Assessments

From full-scale, organization-wide Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERA) to a very focused departmental or operational (e.g., IT Risk) risk assessment, our staff of expert consultants will help you identify your organizational exposure to loss and understand what impact those risks could have on the overall well-being of the organization. We incorporate industry best practices and standards, and customer-specific requirements, in every risk assessment we conduct.

Security Reviews

Our security reviews provide a complete security evaluation for both the internal and external operations of your organization. We work directly with CIT companies, their insurers, and the financial institutions they serve to incorporate industry best practices and standards for operating in a safe and secure manner. We also perform surveillance of street operations and design formal loss prevention programs to ensure employees and facilities meet minimum standards or customer-specific requirements.

Compliance Audits

The L&A staff includes seasoned audit professionals with the knowledge and experience to evaluate policies, procedures, and processes, and to identify areas of compliance concern within any organization. Our experts are able to take best practices, customer-specific compliance guidelines, and our own proprietary standards to provide findings, recommendations, and guidance to any organization looking to improve its operating environment.

Business Continuity Plans

With over 30 years of experience working with Financial Institutions, our knowledge of the FI space and how it operates is a core competency for our customers to leverage. We provide a service that enables Financial Institutions to optimize their customer and vendor relationships when unforeseen events occur. We perform BCP attestation to ensure operations have the ability to continue providing for customers. We also assist customers in optimizing their recovery planning so that when disaster strikes, the organization can continue to operate, business as usual.

Cash/Vault Audits

Our experts have helped develop industry standards for evaluating and managing cash vault integrity and security. We provide full cash and coin inventory audits as well as cash process evaluation for internal and outsourced cash vault. With over 30 years of history working directly with FIs, we help ensure inventories and assets follow specific processes by offering an independent cash/vault audit that meets all risk and compliance standards. This external audit process creates an environment of consistent policies, procedures, and standards that decreases the likelihood of loss. As processes continue to become refined, we will remain ahead of the learning curve by actively incorporating critical thinking and industry best practices.

IT/IS Risk Management

Our staff of fully accredited information technology/information security professionals (technicians have CISA, CISSP, CCE, CFE and related credentials) assists customers with a full range of proactive, network and information security and loss prevention measures, or can respond when a loss/breach does occur with a complete investigative, digital forensics, reconstruction, recovery, and remediation capability.

Due Diligence Investigations

Our due diligence investigation process enables customers to establish the credibility, integrity, and fidelity of potential business partners, investors, vendors, and acquisitions by verifying information, building a business history, examining credit worthiness, and understanding the exposure to risk that such relationships can create. Our domestic and international resources of researchers, investigators, in-country assets, and analysts provide your organization with a comprehensive, flexible due diligence investigation that consistently delivers timely, accurate, and credible information allowing you to make effective business growth objective decisions.

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