Insurance Claims Investigations

Our insurance claim investigations help to reduce the significant costs of property and casualty insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud cost insurers about $30 billion annually according to recent research conducted by the Insurance Information Institute. The stakes are so high that insurers seeking to provide the best service at competitive rates must conduct risk surveys and claim verification for every claim.

L&A has successfully provided thousands of insurers and adjusters with insurance claims investigations, including risk surveys and claims verification for insurance providers to make responsible insurance claims decisions. L&A provides insurance claims investigators within 24 hours of insurance claims to quickly:

  • Conduct a risk survey to assess the loss, collecting and preserving critical evidence and documentation
  • Conduct investigative interviews
  • Review insurance claim incident and police reports
  • Verify claims

L&A also ensures that insurance claims are legally justified and financially accurate, and when possible, we recovery assets to mitigate the claims. Our insurance claims investigators frequently work with federal and local law enforcement officials to assist in asset recovery and prosecution.

Our international client-base has relied on L&A insurance claims investigations for more than 25 years to handle risk surveys, claims verification, and asset recovery on a wide range of high value claims ranging from the routine to the complex. L&A insurance claims investigation professionals have backgrounds and valuable, practical legal, financial, law enforcement, research, and insurance claims experience with access to forensic accounting, investigative interviewing, asset recovery and tracing, restitution, and subrogation expertise.

L&A has extensive experience handling high-value insurance claims and insurance claims investigations involving insurance claims fraud. We specialize in insurance claims investigations including embezzlement, internal fraud, theft and crime, and sabotage by employees for insurance companies and corporations.

L&A insurance claims investigations address claims made on the following policies:

  • Crime and Fidelity
  • Business Interruption
  • Directors & Officers