Intellectual Property Risk Assessment

Including Data Security Risk Assessment & Breach Response Components

By definition, Intellectual Property ('IP') is, "the product of human intelligence that has economic value". From a legal perspective, IP refers to, "creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized". That said, virtually every organization has some form of IP worth protecting. In some cases, the need to protect the most sensitive and proprietary of IP rights can spell the difference between success and catastrophe of the enterprise. Therefore, protection of ones information assets, in particular the most sensitive and proprietary IP, is not only sound risk management but essential to the long-term viability of artistic works, discoveries, inventions, new products or services, and the business endeavor, in general.

In helping our customers prevent intellectual property loss, Lowers & Associates ('L&A') takes a three pronged approach with its IP Risk Assessment Services:

1. Identification

First, working closely with our customers, we identify an organizations most valuable and/or sensitive IP and information assets.

2. Assessment

Then, with our comprehensive IP Risk Assessment, we uncover the exposures and assess the physical and virtual loss prevention measures that are, can, or should be taken to create a more secure environment for IP assets (in both electronic and physical form).

3. Remediation

Lastly, after identifying IP exposures, accounting for the four most commonly used types of protection (i.e., copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets), and conducting our risk assessment, we work with our customers to develop comprehensive plans to control and protect their IP from accidental loss, internal theft, or outside criminal activity..

What makes L&A's IP Risk Assessment unique and even more effective, is how we couple our traditional IP risk assessment efforts with the digital age by including both Data Security Risk Assessment ('DSRA') and Breach Response components, as part of each engagement.

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