Risk Management Training

Our experience in risk management training for Cash-In-Transit (CIT) spans more than a decade.

When employees aren't properly trained, businesses risk losing high-risk assets due to theft, robbery, or inadequate oversight and control.

L&A has been providing Cash-in-Transit (CIT) management training for more than a decade.  We have more than 200 hours of CIT-specific material and coursework that – when combined with a client’s processes, policies, and procedures – can become relevant and immediately applicable to students.

The L&A training design process begins with interviews and surveys to learn more about a carrier's existing processes and methods.  We then develop a training course that addresses management's precise needs and priorities.

This course is designed to cover the security concerns and risks associated with daily CIT operations.  Participants will be introduced to standard industry best practice procedures that, when implemented, will help reduce risk exposure and create a more favorable insurance position.  The course is taught with an emphasis on reducing crime and fidelity risk exposure and focuses on teaching executives and managers in the CIT Industry the preventive and awareness measures to reduce risk exposure in their daily operations.

Customized Training: 

A two-day course that reviews all aspects of security and risk in CIT operations.  Training materials (forms, handouts, procedures) are customized to reflect the actual operating environment of the client's CIT business.  Students are provided an L&A-created Best Practices Manual, and undergo various exercises and group discussions to reinforce the materials covered in lecture.  We can accommodate 10-20 students in a class.