Venue Security

Venue security is critical to a successful event.

When thousands of people get together to attend a game, visit an attraction, or take in a show, safety should be the last thing on their minds.

Venue security is critical to a successful event.  L&A work with entertainment, sports, and meeting management in venues all over the world to ensure that venue security is robust and supports business objectives.

Venue security is more than risk management and protecting patrons, entertainers, athletes, and staff.  L&A experts work with promoters, entertainment management firms, sports leagues and franchises, as well as venue security and event security management, to provide comprehensive venue security and risk management best practices pertaining to risk exposure, insurance coverage, and claims.

L&A develops threat profiles for the venue and event to develop unique, proven, and comprehensive venue security plans and risk management processes.  For more than 20 years, L&A has developed and implemented venue security, event security management, and training to manage risk.

L&A develops venue security programs based on your business objectives, risk exposure and threat profile.  Our typical security risk management services include:

  • Venue Security Assessment - L&A examines the incident history and event risks associated with specific venues.  In addition, we review venue security plans, policies, and procedures and conduct interviews with promoters, venue security and management, local law enforcement and emergency responders. We develop a risk profile and recommendations to improve venue security and event security management effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Threat Profile - L&A develops a threat profile based on our venue security assessment and risk survey, or risk assessment, of venue specific and local crime history and reports, transportation, parking, and potential for venue or event risks associated with the entertainment, guests, political or social issues, protests, and overly enthusiastic crowds.
  • Venue Security Advance and Briefing - Immediately prior to an event, typically one or two days before, L&A venue security experts arrive on-site to assess venue security and event security management, evaluate risk exposure and vulnerabilities, safety issues, transportation and communications, particularly with first-responders, to develop a current threat profile.  Detailed information, including risk management initiatives are presented to venue security and event security management, promoters, entertainment management and others regarding specific security and safety risks and threats.
  • Venue Security and Event Security Management - L&A experts implement and manage all venue security and event security management coordination, including:
    • Venue security plans, policies, and procedures
    • Perimeter venue security and access control
    • Venue and event security personnel and post orders
    • Ongoing and emergency communications
    • Secure transportation
    • First-aid and emergency response
    • Facilitating relationships with the venue security and event security management, promoters, management, entertainment, and local first-responders

All venue security and event security management operations, contacts, and activities are documented and reviewed with the the client post-event to improve future venue security.

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