Human Capital Risk: The Critical Role of HR Threat Assessments

Today’s business environment is uniquely unpredictable. Every day we hear about and see things that “could go wrong” actually going wrong—surprising the organizations, institutions, and people most affected.

You can have the best processes in the world (on paper) but if you have the wrong people in place, risk can turn into loss quickly.

When those risks aren’t even on your radar, the losses can be devastating.


In this whitepaper:

This whitepaper will help you understand the vital role of HR threat assessments and give you guidance on how to help keep unknown risks from damaging your people, brands, and profits.

You'll learn:

  • The 5 critical areas of human capital risk
  • Examples of common risks that result in losses to an organization
  • What a threat assessment is and why it matters
  • Principles of human capital risk management
  • The devasting "Ostrich" effect of failing to perform a threat assessment
  • A 6-step plan to proactive protection
  • Questions to get you started

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