• Cash-In-Transit

    Since 1980, the staff at Lowers & Associates has been involved in the evaluation of, and consultation with, armored car companies around the world.

    These evaluations have been on behalf of insurers as well as the owners of armored car companies. The company has earned world-wide acknowledgment of the leadership role it provides in this critical area of the financial services market.

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  • Financial Institutions

    Through our long history of serving the Cash-in-Transit (CIT) industry, L&A has developed key partnerships within the Banking industry.  In addition to banks, credit unions, and CIT operators, L&A serves a wide range of other financial services firms such as ATM Operators, Check Cashers, Payday Loan Companies, and Pawnbrokers.  From Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERAs) to Loss Prevention/Control Programs, our risk mitigation offering includes a wide range of services.

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  • Casinos & Gaming

    Casinos offer patrons the chance to win big at the tables or the slot machines. But casinos can’t afford to gamble on their own security.  To take chance out of the equation, L&A has designed risk assessment surveys specifically for casinos and other gaming operations.

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  • Events & Venues

    We offer professional event security for entertainment and sporting events. These services include single or periodic events at fixed sites or traveling shows or exhibits.

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  • Legal

    We have the capability to conduct international investigations throughout Europe and Central and South America. By utilizing experienced independent investigators strategically located in the United Kingdom, Central and South America, and throughout the United States, L&A investigators are immediately accessible.

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  • ATMs

    The staff at Lowers & Associates has provided consulting services to ATM manufacturers, first-line maintenance (FLM) service providers, "white label" ATM owners, and ATM cash replenishers since 1988.

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  • Cyber Risk

    Cyber risk has become one of the most significant corporate threats, according to a survey of 218 senior risk managers by the economist intelligence unit. L&A provides the services that can help you to mitigate those risks.

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  • Insurance

    When insurers remove or defray risk, they fuel the engine of the economy.  That fuel runs low, or becomes cost-prohibitive, however, when fraud robs insurers and makes them skittish to assume new risks, or mounting claims within an industry it causes them concern about continuing to cover existing risks.

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Protecting People

Effective risk management is central to protecting the health and safety of people. From hiring the right people to work alongside existing staff, to avoiding catastrophic events, we put people first.

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Protecting Brands

Public perception of a brand and its values can rise and fall according to the way an organization handles and avoids risk. We view risk management as an essential part of building and protecting brand value.

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Protecting Profits

Failing to manage risks puts people and brands in danger; it also risks the financial well-being of an organization. Our professionals get to the sources and causes of risk to protect your profits.

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risk management capabilities

Two Suspects Shot Attempting to Rob Armored Car, Savannah, GA
January 30, 2017
Two suspects attempted to rob an armored car guard but fled the scene after being shot and wounded. One suspect was found by police while hiding nearby and the other was arrested when he checked himself into a local hospital.

Armored Car Guard Robbed at Gunpoint, Houston, TX
January 23, 2017
An armored car guard was assaulted by two armed men and forced to open an ATM, handing over cash to the assailants, who fled the scene in a waiting vehicle.

Armored Car Robbed While Servicing ATM, North Charleston, SC
January 3, 2017
Two armored car guards were approached by a pair of armed suspects while replenishing an ATM in a parking lot. The suspects escaped with an undermined amount of cash.

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