ATM Security

ATM Security and Risk Management Requires a Unique Understanding.

The staff at Lowers & Associates (L&A) has provided consulting services to ATM manufacturers, first-line maintenance (FLM) service providers, "white label" ATM owners, and ATM cash replenishers since 1988.

We fully understand the unique operational risks involved in servicing ATMs and managing the personnel and resources to secure these systems.

We have developed video training courses in FLM servicing for Diebold and NCR, who turned to our staff as recognized experts in ATM operational and procedural security.

Additionally, we have conducted scores of ATM loss investigations for insurers, ATM service companies, and ATM owners.  Our staff has an extensive knowledge base regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the controls that should be in place by companies involved with ATM servicing.

Our staff has been involved in the development of the de facto security standards within the armored car industry regarding ATM servicing, cash replenishment, deposit pick-up, and cash management services.  We currently provide compliance audits and video surveillance of ATM servicing operations for a major U.S. armored car company.

Whatever your needs are regarding ATM security and ATM management control systems, Lowers & Associates can provide the expertise to meet those needs.

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