ATM Security Requires a Unique Understanding

When two of the largest ATM manufacturers in the world sought to cut security breaches perpetrated by field personnel, they turned to Lowers & Associates (L&A). Our highly experienced staff developed customized, in-depth policy frameworks and a training program that resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and a marked decrease in security breaches.

We fully understand the unique operational risks and challenges involved in servicing ATMs and managing the personnel and resources required to secure these systems. In fact, the team at L&A played a key role in developing the de facto security standards applied within the armored car industry regarding ATM servicing, cash replenishment, deposit pick-up, and cash management services.

  • 25+ years of ATM security experience
  • Expert evaluation and assessment reporting
  • Strategic approach to risk mitigation program development
  • Ongoing service that ensures long-term success
  • Immediate action when time is of the essence

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Risk Assessments

In-Depth Risk Assessment

We start with an in-depth risk assessment to understand the unique vulnerabilities, specific requirements, and current deficiencies for each client. These findings are documented in report format for formal review and are used to establish a starting point against which to measure progress.

Strategic Framework

Our findings are assembled into a framework that thoroughly records the results of the review and provides documentation and presentation materials, including:

• Work performed
• Findings review
• Exposures determined
• Risk prioritization
• Policy and standards development
• Management strategies


Our audits provide a disciplined documentation process that continually measures operational reality against stated policies and standards, while providing a dynamic management tool that aids in maintaining ongoing vigilance.



To ensure the program’s effectiveness, L&A provides training programs that get everyone within your organization on the same page. Our training programs range from custom-developed web-based training series to one-on-one courses on-site.


With extensive experience providing surveillance for one of the largest armored car companies in the United States, we can make certain that the strategies that have been developed, and the training that has been delivered, are put into use during street operations.


In the event of a loss, we are ready to take action, having completed scores of ATM loss investigations for insurers, service companies, and owners. Our immediate response coupled with a deep understanding of the industry and its inner workings allows us to make a meaningful impact on investigation and recovery efforts.

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