Managing CIT Risks

Lowers & Associates (L&A) has been globally recognized as a leader in the field of Cash-In-Transit (CIT) security and risk mitigation since 1980.

Working on behalf of banks, insurers and armored car companies, we have established ourselves as the go-to partner in this critical area of the financial services market. We base our approach on evaluation, consultation, and hands-on service that dovetail into a collaborative global risk mitigation platform.

  • 35+ years of Cash-In-Transit industry experience
  • Expert assessment and remediation
  • Strategic approach to risk mitigation program development
  • Ongoing service that ensures long-term success
  • Immediate action when time is of the essence

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Risk Assessment

Operational Assessment

The first step in identifying and mitigating CIT risk, we combine a structured criteria set built upon industry best practices, with experience-based flexibility that takes into consideration the unique operational challenges faced by each company. The result is an in-depth assessment report that quantifies operational risks and provides detailed recommendations to mitigate those risks.

Internal Policy Compliance

Our experts assess internal compliance through a review process that provides a neutral expert evaluation for companies that already have a proven and aggressive risk mitigation program in place. A formal report is developed and presented to illustrate areas in which compliance is sufficient, and areas in which deficiencies need to be addressed.


Business continuity strategic consultation takes risk mitigation to the next level. Let us help you:

Develop effective policies
that take into consideration current circumstances and potential for future regulation and compliance requirements changes.

Create operational procedures
that combine established industry best practices with specific standards that are dictated by your unique requirements.

Devise managerial risk mitigation strategies and tactics
that take into consideration your organization’s overall goals and objectives.

Hands-On Services

Let us provide the hands-on services you need to help maintain operational discipline and to protect your people, brands, and profits.

  • Vault Audit and Confirmation
  • Operational Surveillance
  • Claims/Loss Investigation and Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Information Technology Security

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