Due Diligence

L&A’s proven overt and covert due diligence investigations yield vast amount of information.

Global markets create opportunities, and risk.  Understanding and managing these risks to support business objectives requires knowledgeable partnerships and alliances to “break into” emerging markets and strengthen your operations.   Unfortunately, deceptive practices are more common in emerging international business environments with many companies misrepresenting themselves and their intentions to secure a deal.

Verifying the integrity of potential business partners requires creative approaches to obtaining resources, gathering information, and verifying credibility and integrity for companies and individuals.  Due diligence investigations verify information about prospective business partners to manage risks, including:

  • Conducting an in-depth integrity and credibility assessment of the company and its key executives
  • Researching civil, criminal, and financial records to uncover suits, liens, judgments, convictions, and bankruptcy filings
  • Performing database searches for any information printed publicly, (e.g., books, magazines, newspapers, congressional hearings, crime commission reports), about the company or officers

L&A’s international network can perform due diligence investigations to vet prospective new clients, complete mergers or acquisitions, formalize partnerships with vendors, finalize agreements, establish overseas relationships, support investment decisions, and hire new employees to ensure integrity and compliance.

L&A’s due diligence investigations process enables you to establish the credibility, integrity, and fidelity of potential partners, investors, suppliers, and acquisitions by verifying information, building a business history, examining credit worthiness, and understanding its reputation.  Our international resources of researchers, investigators, in-country assets, and analysts provide your firm with a comprehensive, flexible due diligence investigation that consistently delivers timely, accurate, and credible information allowing you to make effective business growth objective decisions.

L&A’s proven overt and covert due diligence investigations yield vast amount of information.  Our analysts organize the information based on relevancy and reliability focusing on the most critical information to your respective business growth objectives, including corporate and individual conduct, reputations, operations, and affiliations. The scope of the due diligence investigation is directly managed by the client based on objectives and you are updated throughout the process to allow you to control the scope and cost of the inquiry.

L&A organizes due diligence investigations into five categories:

  1. Background of executives, directors and officers
  2. General corporate reputation, legal and ethical
  3. Litigation, shareholder/stakeholder, intellectual property/patent, compliance, and regulatory issues
  4. Operational, financial, and technology overviews
  5. Industry snapshot

In addition, L&A’s experts understand the demands and rigors of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Patriot Act and other regulations impacting business practices and operations.  Should issues arise during our due diligence investigations that relate to such regulations, L&A can help you develop and implement internal controls that manage risks through policy, process, and awareness.  These same measures also help minimize and manage risk, as well as limit liability, if it does occur.  L&A is prepared to support you during any subsequent fraud investigation or compliance issues.