Courier Risk Management

Courier Compliance and Risk Management keeps corporate assets secure in transit.

Keeping vital corporate assets safe and secure within the company's walls can be difficult.

But keeping those assets secure while they’re being transported around the block, country, or globe is an enormous challenge. Lowers & Associates (L&A) mitigates the risk to these critical assets by auditing compliance with a common set of standards and industry best practices.

L&A’s compliance audits include scheduled surveillance of courier routes as well as corporate headquarters, and unannounced audits are performed on a percentage of all financial routes. Our auditors also evaluate all terminals engaged with financial institution transportation. L&A auditors then provide a formal report to the client that identifies any deficiencies that need to be resolved.

The benefits of certified compliance are stabilized insurance premiums, reduced cost of asset reconstruction for claims, a lower level of risk, and fewer losses. Major financial institutions are supporting the certification process, understanding that insurance on courier bags could be in jeopardy of elimination if good practices are not in place.  L&A helps ensure that companies receive this “seal of approval” which will improve courier practices and help keep vital assets secure.

For further information on the courier certificate program please contact us.

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