Special Investigations

Industrial spying in today's world of high technology can affect a company's edge in the marketplace.

There are many reasons and motives why people have the desire to spy on each other, and in many cases it is difficult to assess how many industries and individuals are routinely victims of illegal and unwanted surveillance. Evidence of illegal surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting the perpetrator. Many companies are unaware that industrial spying has affected their business.

Headlines regularly appear about business intelligence, industrial espionage and information theft indicating that the adequate protection of proprietary information has long become a problem worldwide.

As an expert in Investigation and Technical Security, Lowers & Associates (L&A) offers a unique service to combat the threat of industrial espionage and illegal eavesdropping and surveillance. We have extensive experience in technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and counterintelligence and regularly work on international assignments.

Our services can support VIP protection programs, provision of secure environments for special meetings or activities and consultations on matters relating to protection of information, conversations and communications.

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