Fraud Investigation Service

Our fraud investigation service is designed to swiftly and discretely handle cases of internal fraud.

Fraud, embezzlement and other crimes cost businesses billions each year. Recent economic pressures on companies creating "down-sizing" and limiting pay and benefits often generates "self-justifications" for illegal behaviors by employees.  On average, internal fraud, theft, and crime account for 88.7% of corporate losses that total 7% of annual revenue annually in internal fraud, theft, and crime according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Clients turn to L&A fraud investigations to discreetly handle internal investigations for fraud, theft, and crime, particularly when involving potential insurance claims.  L&A’s experienced fraud investigators are prepared to interview employees, conduct covert operations and surveillance, and assist in insurance claim documentation and asset recovery.  We also work closely with management, counsel, and law enforcement to develop a strategy for recovery and prosecution if necessary.

L&A’s fraud investigators, auditors, attorneys, fraud examiners, IT specialists, and forensic accountants help you manage risk, reduce risk exposure, improve compliance with federal and state regulatory issues, and best practices to increase insurability and reduce insurance premiums.  Our experts examine internal controls, physical security risks, and computer security to identify potential risk exposure and vulnerabilities.  L&A develops a risk profile and recommendation to implement risk management best practices, including internal controls, such as policies and procedures.

L&A can also develop customized fraud awareness and prevention programs to fit your risk profile, risk management environment, and business practices to strengthen your internal controls to deter and detect internal fraud, theft, and crime to limit risk exposure.

L&A fraud investigations evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of your internal controls and relevance to your business objectives, risk exposure and risk management environment, including examining:

  • Organizational support of internal controls
  • Written corporate internal fraud deterrence and detection policies (e.g. code of conduct) and descriptions of prohibited activities and subsequent actions for violations
  • Best practices, policies, practices, procedures, reports, and other mechanisms to monitor activities and safeguard assets, particularly in high-risk areas
  • Communication channels, training, and awareness
  • Reporting to management with adequate and reliable information

Following the audit, L&A recommends revisions to manage risk and improve compliance necessary to enhancement cost-effective control to deter and detect internal fraud, theft and crime.

In addition, L&A’s experts understand the demands and rigors of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Patriot Act, and other regulations impacting business practices and operations.  L&A can help you develop and implement internal controls that manage risks through policy, process, and awareness.  These same measures also help minimize potential liability and streamline the claims verification process if an incident does occur.  L&A is prepared to support you during any subsequent investigations and actions.