Fine art security goes beyond theft or vandalism to include a comprehensive fine arts protection plan.

How does security for art, antiquities, or other valuable works differ from every other forms of commercial security? The answer lies in what is being protected.

One cannot reproduce a Rembrandt or Monet yet loss through theft, vandalism, fire, environmental damage, and extortion are on the increase. Lowers & Associates (L&A) possesses tremendous expertise in the area of high-value asset protection.

Recently L&A was engaged by one of the nation’s pre-eminent Ivy League universities to assess their vast collections of fine arts. More than seventy locations were surveyed which included art galleries, museums, libraries, art storage facilities and transport operations. Our consultants worked closely with risk managers, curators, security staff, preservationists, librarians, and facilities management staff and looked at all aspects of security, facilities internal controls, and environmental conditions. The result was a comprehensive fine arts security strategy with recommendations to protect the interests of both the university and the insurer.

L&A believes that a comprehensive fine arts protection plan is addressed on a fundamentally proactive nature, preventing loss in the first place, in whatever form that comes.