Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Planning for the unknown is more important than ever.

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Cash Audit Services

We are uniquely qualified to provide expert independent cash audit and compliance monitoring services.

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Compliance Audit

Our compliance audit verifies that your policies and procedures are being implemented properly.

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Crime Reports

Addressing crime and fidelity risk is at the core of everything we do.

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Delegated Claims Management

We provide delegated claims management and third-party administration to clients internationally and in the US.

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Drone Solutions

Globally-accessible drone capabilities backed by the trusted name in insurance risk mitigation.

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Due Diligence

L&A’s proven overt and covert due diligence investigations yield vast amount of information.

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Employee Background Screening

Employee background screening mitigates the inherent risks of human capital.

Insurance Claims Investigations

Our Insurance claim investigations help to reduce significant costs of insurance fraud.

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Intellectual Property Risk Assessment

We take a three pronged approach with our IP Risk Assessment Services.

IT Risk Management

Build a strong and secure IT department with IT security risk management.

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Litigation Support

You can count on L&A's experienced litigation support services to help you succeed.

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Risk Management Training

Our experience in risk management training for cash in transit (CIT) spans more than a decade.

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Security Risk Management

Long gone are the days when security risk management was an afterthought.

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Special Investigations

Industrial spying in today's world of high technology can affect a company's edge in the marketplace.

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Venue Security

L&A develops venue security programs based on your business objectives, risk exposure and threat profile.

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