Lowers And Associates Continues To Assist Insurers and their Customers

Great AmericanAs part of its long-standing relationship with the Fidelity / Crime Division of Great American Insurance Group, Lowers & Associates (L&A) provides on-going assistance to Great American’s valued customers and brokers.

A broad range of services is available under this new partnership, from customers seeking general advice on crime and fidelity matters to those who need more detailed risk mitigation services. This new program leverages Lowers & Associates’ international expertise in fraud detection and prevention programs as well as years of activity and consultation in crime and fidelity risk mitigation. The partnership is a break-through for those insureds grappling with internal and external fraud and crime challenges, and should prove to be valuable in assisting them in improving their risk management capabilities.

The new services include Quarterly Newsletters, White Papers, and a variety of risk mitigation services from risk consultation to risk assessment, background and vendor screening, and due diligence offerings.

For more information on this support program see the Fidelity / Crime Division Website.

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