Lowers & Associates Expands Cash-In-Transit & Risk Mitigation Services in APAC with Engagement of Craig Mitchell

The former National Security Director for Prosegur Asia-Pacific will help the insurance industry mitigate risks and prevent losses associated with cash-in-transit and other services in the APAC region.

February 17, 2021 (Purcellville, VA) - Lowers & Associates (L&A) announces the engagement of Craig Mitchell and expansion of its services in the APAC region. Craig will help insurers mitigate risks and prevent losses associated with the cash in-transit and other industries in the APAC region. Craig previously served as the National Security Director for Prosegur Asia Pacific and was Managing Partner of a risk and investigation company specializing in risk and factual investigations on behalf of insurers/underwriters and private clients. This followed his 21 years in the NSW Police Force, the largest constabulary in Australia as a Major Crime Squad Detective, Tactical Field Commander, and Duty Officer.

Craig offers more than 40 years of expertise in security, risk, and compliance procedures in the region.

“The list of Craig’s accomplishments and credentials goes on and on,” remarked Neil Watson, Director, Global Operations at Lowers & Associates. “We are delighted to be able to offer Craig’s experience and expertise to stakeholders in the CIT and insurance industries and are already seeing the impact he is having in the APAC region,” Watson remarked.

L&A has been globally recognized as a leader in the field of cash-in-transit security and risk mitigation since 1980. Working on behalf of banks, insurers, armored car companies, and jewellers, L&A has established itself as a key partner in this critical area of the financial services market. The company bases its approach on evaluation, consultation, and hands-on service that dovetail into a collaborative global strategic risk mitigation platform.

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