Lowers Drone Solutions Launches to Support the Global Insurance and Loss Adjusting Industry

Lowers Drone Solutions is a service of Lowers & Associates, a leader in insurance risk mitigation.

Purcellville, VA (May 6, 2021) Lowers & Associates, a leader in risk mitigation for the global insurance industry, today announces the formation of Lowers Drone Solutions, a company offering drone capabilities to support the global insurance and loss adjusting industry. The company’s drone solutions are designed to better inform underwriting decisions, quickly assess damages for claims adjustments, and perform wide area damage surveys in the event of catastrophic events. Services include inspections, surveys, 3D mapping, and LiDAR through a network of more than 4,000 U.S. domestic pilots and international coverage in over 59 countries.

Lowers Drone Solutions is grounded in deep insurance industry expertise and applies a risk management approach to address the unique needs of insurers, brokers, claims managers, loss adjusters, and insureds.

According to company co-founder, Kyle Lowers, “Now more than ever, the insurance and loss adjusting industry relies on the quality of data captured from site inspections which provides crucial evidence to support damage assessments.” He continues, “Through our globally-accessible drone solutions, we are able to easily and quickly make data available across a range of devices, while delivering greater insights, safety, and efficiency promised by today’s unmanned aerial vehicle technology.”

Lowers Drone Solutions promises unique benefits to the insurance industry when it comes to providing insight into risk locations pre- and post-loss. The ability to inspect and survey locations during underwriting and have clear evidence to compare against post-loss is helpful to insurers and insureds alike.

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