Sponsor Opportunities Announced for the 2024 Secure Cash and Transport Association (SCTA) Conference

The SCTA Conference brings together thought leaders and professionals from the cash industry to discuss current issues, practices, and topics to help move the industry forward. Sponsors can get their brands in front of stakeholders at the event through advertising, exhibition, signage, and other opportunities.

PURCELLVILLE, VA (April 24, 2024) – The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) announces sponsorship opportunities for its 2024 conference taking place October 9-11 at the Swissotel Chicago. This will be the 12th annual conference hosted by the SCTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to representing the shared interests of professionals and stakeholders in the ATM servicing, cash handling and processing, transportation, and safekeeping of cash and coin throughout North America. Attended by cash industry experts and thought leaders, the conference will feature a keynote address, informative sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibits.

Sponsors will be featured across the SCTA’s program, key events, and website. The SCTA offers three levels of sponsorship along with other opportunities to garner the attention of professionals and corporations in the cash industry. Additional sponsorship opportunities include exhibitor offerings, program advertising, bookplate sponsorship, and more.

Sponsorship levels, pricing, and benefits can be found at The deadline to enroll as a sponsor is August 23, 2024.

The theme of this year’s conference, “Adopting and Adapting to Technology,” features a close look at the profound and exciting impacts of technology on the future of the cash industry and how the industry can use technology to become more secure, efficient, and profitable.

This year’s Conference keynote speaker is Bill Stainton, author of The Innovation Blueprint and the upcoming The Transformative Leader: How to Unlock and Profit from Your Team’s Hidden Innovation. He has been cited in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal and has also written for HBO, Comedy Central, and The Tonight Show. He is the creator of the Elite Innovation Roundtable, a think tank for innovative leaders.

Learn more about the conference and sponsorship opportunities at

About the Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA)

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) is a non-profit association established in 2013 to represent the shared interests of professionals in ATM servicing, cash handling/processing, transportation, and safekeeping of cash and coin throughout North America. Industry groups represented by the association include armored operators, insurance providers, truck builders, financial institutions, ATM cash providers, coin wrappers, security surveys, compliance providers, retailers, and loss adjusters.

Learn more about the SCTA at

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