Loss Prevention

The principles of sound loss prevention services are at the core of everything we do.

Loss prevention goes to the heart of reducing costs and adding to the bottom line.

We offer a broad range of loss prevention services to meet client needs. These services include initial or recurring risk assessments, consulting, the implementation of loss prevention programs, and regulatory compliance. We also offer loss prevention seminars and training, investigations, business continuity planning, pre-employment screening, and information technology loss prevention.

The Integrity Interview

One important component of loss prevention is the integrity interview, which gathers information from prospective employees in an effort to gauge their level of honesty. L&A’s specially trained interviewers ferret out dishonesty by recognizing telling verbal and nonverbal responses. They also are experts in encouraging truthful responses from applicants.

L&A has found integrity interviewing to be a remarkably effective tool for loss prevention. Almost two-thirds of interviewees admit to falsifying their employment applications; one-fifth acknowledge having been convicted of a crime in the previous seven years; one-quarter concede to having been fired or forced to resign from previous jobs; and still another quarter admit to theft from their employers, beyond small office supplies, in the last five years. Other admissions pertain to illegal drug use, abuse of sick leave, commission of serious crimes, the falsification of company records, and many other transgressions.